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Though many argue about web development industry encountering a saturation point, it is undeniable that web development will not cease being any less important until world wide web goes extinct. While there are many frameworks & tools now that has reduced manual intervention in programming, the requirement for more customised and complex sites with custom database applications, high traffic applications has gone higher too, with web turning to be a tool of money-churning than branding. This is the best time to program your future with our trending web development courses.

Why Web Development?

  • White Collar Job:Till date, web development remains the most coveted job as it gives an entry to the most famed MNCs of the country in a respectable position. With good programming skills, it is possible to bag a fat package in an IT MNC, sans any technical degree.
  • Easier to Learn:Compared to mobile or game development, web development technologies are easier to learn and needs no prior technical education or extraordinary merit to adapt the same.
  • Scope of adapting new trends:With rapid changes in the domain, there are requirement of new age web specialists coming up who are well versed in trending technologies instead of the basics. Experts in Java, Ecommerce, interactive Web apps, Cloud, DevOps, IOT- opportunities are surging with the difference between Web & mobile gradually blotting out.
  • Good Pay with Work Life BalanceGlassdoor recently scoured their database of employee feedback to assemble a list of the 25 Best Jobs For Work-Life Balance and Web Developer made the Top 10. Interestingly enough, Glassdoor also produced a Raises list, and Web Developer is on that list too!

Programe Highlights:

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Course Feature

  • Separate courses on specialised technologies on offer so that you can choose your calling from the beginning!
  • Comprehensive course material to make you conversant in every bit to fit in any industry after course completion.
  • Training conducted by professional developers
  • Special thrust on professional skill building e.g communication & comprehension to prepare you for handling client.
  • 100% Practical approach in training to make you job-ready
  • periodic exams competitive analysis as per international standard to assess progress
  • Exposure of live project work in internship.
  • 100% Placement assistance
  • *T&C applied

Why choose us?

  • Inhouse placement assurance
  • Professional developers from Parent company as faculty
  • Concise & time-saving course plan
  • Internship opportunity with international clients
  • Special classes by renowned industry professionals
  • Corporate training ambience
  • State of art infrastructure
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